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  Trading Services


We provide you wide range & variety of products in various categories
Engineering Goods Non-Engineering Goods
Plastics, Rubber, Metal products & components Corporate gifts
Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial products & components Retail products
Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals material Gift products
Machine & Machinery parts School Furniture & related goods
Hydraulic equipment’s  
Pharma products & accessories  

"We understand customer concerns… we know how to address them!" "Within cost, within time and with quality…"

We are prominent supplier of a qualitative range of Engineering & Non Engineering Goods & manufactured under quality supervision of industry experts, these products are available in various specifications to suit the requirements of different industries. We work with utmost precision to fabricate these goods using latest techniques to meet growing market demands. The products included vide range & are customized according to Costumers requirement. Working on the principle of garnering maximum client satisfaction, we make sure to deliver good quality products within minimum possible time.

We provide our costumer their equipment as per there exact need, we do customize & give best output to our costumers


We utilize different specialists for each of the various components necessary to build professional relations, working in tandem as a professional & team to provide high-end, creative products and providing our customers with the highest levels of service, support and unbiased consultancy.
Our team comes from different backgrounds with proven accomplishments in all the latest technologies related to Trade and development and Search marketing.

The company is able to provide its customers with quality products at competitive prices. 

Providing right price at the right time with best service without compromising on the quality of goods, providing products vital to sustainable economic progress and human development throughout the world, thereby be the partner of choice and grow business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.
The World of International Trade is changing rapidly. Market addition and consolidation, 24 hour express information - these and other forces create an ever-changing environment making it difficult for the time-honored or the so called traditional traders / merchants / dealers even armed with the best in commercial know-how, to deliver consistent, positive results which is the vital motivation. Today what matters is expansion i.e. spreading out and having presence / existence at a place which provides maximum opportunities for development. India is a place where sky is the limit for stepping up.

With partners, contributors, associates who are Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, Traders and Indenters since last decades, started operations in India which is a fast growing market and a trading hub. In a matter of few months SRT TECHNIQUES  has come very far and established themselves as one of the significant players in their sphere of activities specializing in providing various services and supplies engaged in Imports, Exports and Indenting. Importing products from highly dependable sources having business relations since many years and having healthy & wide-spread client base. Their products are sold to the domestic merchants as well as international customers as per their requirements.

SRT TECHNIQUES is a reputed, professionally managed business organization with sound business ethics and prudence also offering reliable delivery, competitive pricing and favorable commitments accompanied by our young professionals having zeal and commitment to customer satisfaction and a pragmatic approach to marketing and sophisticated technology. SRT TECHNIQUES provides a unique platform to their overseas principals for developing market of their products. With their credentials, experience and resources at their command coupled with personal contacts with consumers and customers, they hold a prime and domineering position in Market. The kudos of their achievements has helped them in creating worldwide presence and given them the status of forerunner of this industry.

With a primary focus SRT TECHNIQTES is uniquely positioned to lead in various new developments and marketing in the international markets and to provide unmatched level of supports and services for its customers.

Our corporate statement “Looking for the New-next,” is our aim to continue to provide our Principle and customers with the best solutions and Services to enter the market of the State of India.

We will continue to grow as a top-class specialized- trading company that provides “top-class Services through our five offices and dedicated teams  : agency services , office based support provider, joint venture partner, silent partner, consortium builder.

The Quality of experience and broad vision of management and dedicated teams and personal relations with governmental bodies and officials will give the international firm an advantage to become potential winner for the upcoming project.


Designing & Detailing on CAD/CAM/CAE Platforms
Structural Engineering Drawing Consultant

Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical,
Plastics, Metals,
Production & Planning Industries

Engineering Goods

Non- Engineering Goods

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